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Nota de la versión para

Versión de lanzamiento: 1.8.13
Fecha de lanzamiento: November 15, 2022


Updated: Improved speaker audio performance
Updated: Improved microphone audio performance
Updated: Improved volume steps for music and media
Fixed: connection dropped in rare scenarios with certain Android devices
Performance and stability improvements

Historial de versiones

Versión de lanzamiento: 1.7.4
Fecha de lanzamiento: January 04, 2022


Updated: audio call quality improvements
Updated: volume levels on macOS
Fixed: equalizer did not work in certain scenarios
Fixed: rare issue when using “Prioritize PC audio”
Fixed: Multiuse various issues
Performance and stability improvements

Versión de lanzamiento: 1.6.0
Fecha de lanzamiento: October 20, 2021


  • First public release